Termites, often called as ants, are far from being ants but are closer to cockroaches. They are usually small measuring between 4 to 15mm in length. Termites are very successful in distribution being present in all continents except Antarctica since they do not inhabit in cold habitats due to their soft cuticles. Termites mostly feed on dead plants materials and cellulose, generally in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung.

Since they prey on wood, they cause major damage to structures that are unprotected such as wooden buildings and houses. And since they go secretly, their presence is usually detected only when they have already caused major damage. They thrive in warm climates and are transported through contaminated goods and containers. In addition to damaging unprotected structures, they can also cause damage to crops especially trees which have low resistance. They usually attack during harvest times or during dry seasons.

To fight termites, it is best to prevent than to cure. Whether we need to protect structures or our crops, Venom Pest Control has the answer to all our termite control concerns. Formulated by the best group of people, the methods and materials we use are state-of-the-art guaranteeing effectivity over a long period of time. Aside from being effective, we also use environment-friendly substances to not add to the problem of our degrading environment. So fight termite now in the most eco-friendly way through Venom Pest Control.

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