Sow Bugs

Sow bugs, also commonly known as wood louse, are not really bugs but are isopod crustaceans with rigid, segmented and long exoskeleton which sheds as it grows. Since they can retain water in their bodies, they are mostly found in damp places like trash bins inside the house or under logs, or flower pots outside. To conserve moisture, they are nocturnal and are active at night. They come into houses through ground level windows and doors. They hide where it is dark and damp but usually don’t live long once they are indoor since houses are usually kept lighted and dry.

Though they are generally considered helpful in gardens by controlling pests, overturning the soil, and producing compost, they have been known to feed on cultivated plants, such as berries, and other seedlings. This can render major damage to anyone who is gardening whether for personal consumption or business.

To avoid loss of cultivated plants and loss in business, we have to keep our houses dry and make sure that there is an effective sow bugs control in place in our gardens. Venom Pest Control can surely help in controlling these pests by our highly effective methods that are proven and tested. To add, we use substances and materials that are not only effective but are very environment-friendly at the same time, sparing plants and crops from unnecessary damage.

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