Gophers, otherwise known as pocket gophers, are burrowing rodents commonly known for their extensive tunneling activities. Gophers generally weigh around .5 lbs and are about 8-10 inches long with their tails. Within any species, males are larger then females and can weight up to double versus their counterparts. Most gophers have brown fur making them look like the soil in which they live. Their most dominant feature are their large cheek pouches which are fur-lined and can be turned inside out, and extend from the side of the mouth up to the back of the shoulders. They have small eyes with short hairy tails which are used to feeling their way when they walk backwards.

Gophers create a network of tunnel system intended for protection, and collection of food. They are known hoarders and would use their cheek pouches to transport food from the source back to their burrows. Their burrows are found mostly in soft soils where burrowing is easier. They feed on earthworms, grubs, plant roots, shrubs, and other vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, radish and other plants with juice. They are often found in farms, gardens, lawns and other agricultural areas resulting to destruction of plant life.

If you are in the vegetation business, protect your crops by managing and getting rid of gophers. Venom Pest Control offers not just an effective way to get rid of gophers but proven and tested to be environment-friendly as well. It’s not only effective it’s also earth-friendly!

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