Flies are insects of the order Diptera which when translated in Greek means two wings. Though having two wings, they only use one set of wings for flying while the other set is used to balance. Flies have mobile heads, a large pair of compound eyes, and mouthparts used to pierce and suck other insects. They thrive and develop in protected environments, often inside the source of their food.

Though small in size, flies and other Dipterans have huge impact on the environment. Most are pests to agricultural crops while others attack livestock causing wounds and spreading disease. These do not only cause environmental harm but economic loss as well. Others also carry diseases affecting human health like house flies which contaminate food and spread food-borne illnesses.

To help us control these flies which can bring harm not only to us but to our crops and livestock, Venom Pest Control introduces an eco-friendly pest control methods that do not only eliminate flies and the headache that they bring. At the same time, these methods also preserve the environment by using eco-friendly substances only. Venom Pest Control’s eco-friendly pest control: gentle on the environment but tough on pests.

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