Fleas are wingless insects with mouths designed for piercing skin and sucking blood. They can grow up to 3.3m and are agile, dark in color, and can suck blood through their epipharynx. Their legs are long so they can jump up 7in vertically and 13in horizontally making them one of the best jumpers known to animals. Their legs end in with strong claws that are designed to grasp a host.

Fleas feed on a wide-variety of warm-blooded animals like humans, dogs, cats, and other home and farm animals. Fleas affect the host by biting and causing an itching sensation which results in an attempt to remove the pest by scratching. The effect of the bite is a slightly raised, swollen spot with a single puncture point at the center similar to a mosquito bite. The bite can remain inflamed after several weeks, though. In animals, a flea bite can lead to hair loss due to scratching and biting in the affected area, and in severe cases can even cause anemia.

Knowing this, we should protect our family members and pets from fleas and the harm they can cause. Venom Pest Control offers effective pest control methods that do not only get rid of pests but are also eco-friendly so to protect the environment. Having a safe pest control method is very important especially when it concerns humans and animals. Thus, Venom Pest Control is the best choice for effective and safe fleas control.

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