Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles can be a serious household pest. Whether it is a brown carpet beetle which grows up to 4mm in size or the black carpet beetle which can grow up to 5mm long, both are harmful since they feed on natural fibers found in wool-textiles, carpets, skin, fur, furniture, and clothing. They live in buildings, homes, and museums where they undergo their different life stages from egg to adulthood.

Eggs are usually laid in places where there is stored food. If there is no food, they lay them in dark locations where they will feed on carpeting or clothing and sometimes laid on the clothing itself. They may also lay egg near pet foods. When in the larvae stage, their growth will depend on food availability. Larvae are pupated away from the food source to avoid cannibalism. As beetles, they do not live long but only for a few weeks just enough to mate and lay eggs.

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