WELCOME TO Venom Pest Control

Pests are part of nature but you don’t want them to be part of your home. You don’t want roaches to scare your customers in your shop or have to throw away damaged merchandise that rats have chewed on overnight. The point is, you want to keep your living space or business location free from pests as much as possible.

Venom Pest Control can be your partner. We are deeply committed to providing our clients with the best quality of service that meets their satisfaction.

While our core service is to rid homes and offices of pests, we do care about the environment. We only use eco-friendly pest control methods and materials. Our company still believes in maintaining a healthy living environment for both humans and nature.

ants and snake



We are steadfast in our mission to provide the absolute best value of services to our clients.


We talk to you about your pest control goals and will meet your needs and preferences.


Venom Pest Control only uses environment friendly materials and pest control methods.
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